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About forty years ago the primary role of pharmacists was to dispense prescriptions only; they were not permitted to discuss medication with the patients. In recent times, there is a radical transformation in the role of pharmacists from the traditional compounding and dispensing of drugs to a more specialized consultative and primary health care expert. Undoubtedly, Pharmacists as a “drug expert” can apply their knowledge and skill to become directly involved in service and education to the patients.

Pharmacists are “drug experts” ultimately concerned about the patients’ health and wellness.

Today, individualization of drug medication is the novel concept and need of an hour in the field of health care and medication, where careful and sensible patient care is needed and a pharmacist can play a vital role in this arena. A physician who is hectic with patient diagnosis, treatment and surgery may not provide enough time for patient counseling regarding drug information, allergic conditions, alternate therapy, dosing schedule etc; here a pharmacist can provide an appropriate counseling to the patient. Pharmacists ensure the safe and effectual usage of medicines, disease care management and health promotion and provide many other patient care services in collaboration with other health care members.

Ideal pharmacist practice in health care system:

  1. Advise and consult physicians
  2. Accepts responsibility and challenges for implementing therapeutic strategy.
  3. Monitor and analyze treatment protocol of patient.
  4. Examine prescription carefully and advice physician if any.
  5. Check drug related outcomes: Improvements and side effects.
  6. Monitor patient progress.
  7. Consult patient on the regular basis.

    Pharmacists being expertise about the composition (chemical, biological, and physical properties), manufacturing and use of the drugs, they understands better  about drug purity, strength and drug interactions and  ultimately concerned about the patients’ health and care.

    Time has now come to bridge the communication gaps between pharmacists and physicians for the betterment of patient’s health and utmost care and to reward and appreciate significance of pharmacist’s role on the multidisciplinary healthcare team to ensure safe and effective patient care.


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